Factors of Premature Aging

In our busy lives, sometimes there is no room to slow down. Now you don’t have to. The Facial Repair Formula uses a true all star lineup of ingredients proven to moisturize and fight all signs and causes of premature skin aging. Discoloration in skin tone, weathered skin, or plain dull skin will happen without help. Our Formula will restore skin, fight premature aging and repair skin damage.

Sailing the open water, caring for a newborn, closing a business deal, sharing a drink with old friends, or celebrating with a victory cigar. These memories are what you live for. Unfortunately sun damage, lack of sleep, stress, alcohol consumption, and smoking are just a few of the factors causing your otherwise healthy skin to look dull, tired, uneven, weathered, wrinkled, and just plain old.

Don’t change your life, just give your skin some help along the way.

Major Factors of Extrinsic Aging

  • Sun damage
  • Lack of sleep
  • Stress
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Poor diet
  • Facial expressions – frowning and squinting
  • Pollutants and free radicals
  • Smoking