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ISO management system
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I.ISO9001 quality management system

ISO9000 certification:

ISO9000 quality management system is the foundation of enterprise development and growth. ISO9000 does not refer to a standard, but a general term for a class of standards. ISO 9001 quality management system is one of the international standards formulated by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which has been recognized by more than 100 member countries and regions worldwide. At present, hundreds of thousands of factories, enterprises, government agencies, service organizations and other organizations have imported ISO9000 quality management system and obtained certificates from third-party certification agencies.

In the 1990s, China transformed the ISO9000 series standards into national standards. Subsequently, various industries also transformed the ISO9000 series standards into industry standards. For a time, the major enterprises have set up the flag of ISO9000, like a raging fire launched the ISO9000 certification. ISO9000 standard promotion, internal auditor training, enterprise on-site audit. These phenomena show that enterprises attach great importance to ISO9000 certification.

ISO9000 authentication features:

1. Taking the eight quality management principles as the theoretical basis of the standard embodies the most universal and universal law of quality management.

2. The ISO9000 standard has a wide range of applicability, applicable to various types, different sizes and organizations providing different products.

3, after three amendments, the standards are more scientific, widely applicable and operable.

4. Compatibility with ISO14000 Environmental Management System Standard and OHSAS18000 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standard is better.

ISO9000 certification principles:

1, focus on customers: organizations depend on their customers. Therefore, the organization should understand the current and future needs of customers, satisfy customers and strive to exceed customer expectations.

2, leading role: leaders establish the purpose and direction of the unity of the organization. They should create and maintain an internal environment that enables employees to participate fully in achieving organizational goals.

3. Participation of the whole staff: All levels of personnel are the foundation of the organization, and only with their full participation can their talents benefit the organization.

4. Process approach: The expected results can be achieved more efficiently by managing related activities and resources as processes.

5. Systematic Approach to Management: Identifying, understanding and managing the interrelated processes as systems contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization in achieving its objectives.

6, continuous improvement: continuous improvement of the organization's overall performance should be an eternal goal of the organization.

7, fact based decision making method: effective decision is based on data and information analysis.

8. Mutually beneficial supplier relationship: the organization and its supplier are interdependent, mutually beneficial relationship can enhance the ability of both sides to create value.

ISO9000 quality management system certification significance:

1, through certification, enterprises have a pass to the market.

2. Enhancing international trade, eliminating technical barriers, integrating with advanced international management practices and integrating into an integrated international economic system.

3. Standardizing internal management, emphasizing the participation of all staff, enhancing staff quality awareness, improving operational efficiency and overall performance.

4. Strengthen the stability of quality management, ensure the consistency of product quality, optimize quality cost, reduce quality loss and improve economic efficiency.

5. Emphasizing the customer as the focus of attention, meeting the changing requirements of customers and the requirements of laws and regulations, and increasing market share.

6. Emphasize continuous improvement, comprehensively improve the overall quality and level of enterprises, so that enterprises continue to develop and grow.

Two.ISO14001 environmental management system

ISO14000 certification:

ISO14000 is an international standard of environmental management system formulated by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). ISO14000 certification has become an entry permit to break the international green barriers and enter the European and American markets. Enterprises certified by ISO14000 can save energy, reduce consumption, optimize costs, meet the legal requirements of the government, improve the image of enterprises, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. ISO14000 has become the most comprehensive and systematic international standard of environmental management in the world, and has attracted the attention and positive response of governments and enterprises all over the world.

ISO14000 authentication features:

1, pay attention to the integrity of the system, is a set of scientific environmental management software.

2, emphasize the conformity of laws and regulations, but do not specify the environmental behavior.

3, it requires the whole process control of the organization's activities.

4. It is widely applicable to all kinds of organizations.

5. It has strong compatibility with ISO9000 standard.

ISO14000 operation mode

1. Planning/Planning-PLAN: System Requirements: Environmental Policy; Environmental Factors; Laws and Regulations and Other Requirements; Target Indicators and Programmes;

2. Implementation - DO? System requirements: resources, roles, responsibilities and authority; capabilities, training and awareness; information exchange, documentation, document control, operation control, emergency preparedness and response;

3. Inspection and Correction--CHECK System Requirements: Monitoring and Measurement; Compliance Evaluation; Non-conformity, Correction and Preventive Measures; Records; Internal Audit

4, improve the requirements of --ACTION system: Management Review

ISO14000 certification significance:

1, obtain the "green pass" for international trade.

2, enhance enterprise competitiveness and expand market share.

3, establish excellent corporate image.

4, improve product performance and create "green products".

5, reform process and equipment to realize energy saving and consumption reduction.

6, pollution prevention, environmental protection.

7, avoid economic losses caused by environmental problems.

8, improve staff's environmental quality.

9, improve the level of internal management of enterprises.

10, reduce environmental risks and achieve sustainable business.

Three.OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety

OHSAS18000 certification:

ISO45001 is the international safety and health management system validation standard. It is a new version of the original Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001), designed to reduce and prevent the loss of life, property, time and environmental damage caused by accidents through management.

OHSAS 18001 (ISO45001) provides an organization with a set of risk control management methods: through professional investigation and assessment and compliance assessment of relevant regulatory requirements, identify hazards in the product, service, activity, and work environment of the enterprise, and develop appropriate control plans for unacceptable hazards and risks. Implement control plan, regularly check and evaluate occupational health and safety regulations and plans, establish management system including organizational structure, responsibilities, training, information communication, emergency preparedness and response, and continuously improve occupational health and safety performance.

Benefits of implementing OHSAS18001 in Enterprises

1. The implementation of OHSAS18001 can improve the level of safety management and comprehensive management, and promote the standardization, standardization and modernization of enterprise management.

2. It can reduce the economic losses caused by industrial accidents and occupational diseases and the negative effects, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

3., we can enhance the reputation, image and cohesiveness of enterprises.

4. It can improve the safety quality, safety consciousness and operation skills of workers, and make them consciously guard against safety and health risks in production and business activities.

5., we can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in domestic and foreign markets.

6., it can create conditions for enterprises to attract investors and partners in international production and business activities.

7. It can promote the safety management of enterprises to be in line with international standards and eliminate trade barriers. It is the third pass for enterprises.

8. We can improve the relationship between government-enterprise-staff (and related parties) by improving the level of production safety.

OHSAS18000 occupational health and safety management system:

1. to provide scientific and effective system and guidelines for occupational health and safety management.

2. Safety technology system reliability and human reliability are not enough to completely eliminate accidents. Organizational management factors are the deepest cause of complex system accidents. Systematization and prevention are the main factors. All staff, the whole process and all-round safety management.

3., promoting the implementation of occupational health and safety regulations and systems will help to raise the awareness of national security.

4. Transform the organization of occupational health and safety management into active voluntary behavior, improve the level of occupational health and safety management, and form a self-supervision, self-discovery and self-improvement mechanism.

5., promote further integration with international standards, eliminate trade barriers and green barriers after China's accession to WTO;

6. Improving working conditions, improving workers'physical and mental health, safety and health skills, greatly reducing cost input and improving work efficiency, resulting in direct and indirect economic benefits;

7. improve the quality of human resources. According to the theory of human capital, people's work efficiency is closely related to the safety and health of the working environment. Its good condition can greatly improve productivity and enhance the cohesion and development power of enterprises.

8. establish good quality, reputation and image in the society. Excellent modern enterprises should not only have economic strength and technical ability, but also maintain a strong sense of social concern and responsibility, outstanding environmental performance and ensure the safety and health of workers.

9. the establishment of OHSAS18001 (OSHMS) and ISO9001 and IS014001 will become the symbol and fashion of modern enterprises.

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