Celebrating Our Retail Partners : Goose Barnacle, Brooklyn Heights, NY

We’re very fortunate to have found some great retail partners in our short history. We did our best to find a select few retailers that we felt embodied the same values and ideals we did. They love their customers and treat them as they’d want to be treated, and they are intensely passionate about their shops.

Here are a couple we’d like to highlight. If you are in the area, stop by and see what
else they have to offer besides TAUN.

Goose Barnacle

Goose Barnacle

Our hometown shop is Goose Barnacle (http://goosebarnacle.com/) in Brooklyn
Heights. Owner David Alperin is a native of the area and provides a high-end, comfortable
store to explore some global fashion.

Between the internet and growing trade, our options for clothes have expanded exponentially while improving along the way.  Alperin recognizes this paradox of choice and takes the time to curate an amazing collection of wears in his cozy shop.

We’re lucky enough to be among Goose Barnacle’s carefully selected skin care lines and proudly sit in his array.  If you’re visiting New York or are already a fan or neighbor of Goose Barnacle, stop by and chat with David and check out our display. (Also follow @goosebarnacle on Twitter and Instagram).

TAUN at Goose Barnacle