Brand New TAUN Packaging

TAUN’s Facial Repair Formula – New Look

Growing up, we always liked when our favorite sports team would unveil new jerseys. While we were accustomed to and loyal to the current uniforms, you just can’t beat new.

TAUN Packaging Jars

With that in mind, after our first year of existence we’re giving our Facial
Repair Formula a new uniform of sorts. We love our early packaging, here we’ve upgraded the style (while keeping all the same look & feel) to highlight the quality of the product within.



TAUN anti-aging Facial Repair Formula

Our new canisters will feature a sketched map of Brooklyn and New York City. As a Brooklyn-based company, we wanted to incorporate that somehow while maintaining the classic look and feel of the TAUN logo. We’ve always been big fans of vintage maps and this was an opportunity to use one to convey that timeless feel to the TAUN brand.




In addition to the new exterior packaging, the glass jar will now be 2.0 oz. rather than 1.7 oz. This larger size will be the same price.

Our new packaging is beginning to roll out now!  We’re very excited for TAUN Facial Repair Formula 2.0 (literally). Turning a year old,
TAUN is getting wiser, and a little better looking. Just like all of our customers.