Benefits of Jojoba Oil in Moisturizers for Men

How can Jojoba Oil improve your facial skin?

Jojoba (ho-HO-ba) oil is one of the best-kept secrets of skincare, despite its widespread use. Jojoba oil is not actually an oil at all, but a sort of wax. Jojoba oil is a botanical extract from the seed of a jojoba tree, which means that it is about as natural as it gets. Jojoba oil is interesting

Jojoba close up

and useful for a number of reasons, all of which you should be aware.  Read this article and see if you may benefit from jojoba oil added to your skin care routine.

1. Jojoba oil for acne

When considering what to use for acne, jojoba oil can prove helpful. In fact, the main use for jojoba oil is for home acne treatments. Jojoba oil is not only great for removing pimples and blackheads, but it can be applied directly to the skin to help curb breakouts. A 2002 study from the National Research Council notes that acne treatments containing jojoba extract can slow the outbreak of acne. In that study, the researchers found that this conclusion was very likely based on the fact that jojoba oil mimics your skin’s sebum, which brings us to the second use.

2. Jojoba oil mimics your skin’s sebum

Sebum is basically a waxy substance that your skin naturally secrets through glands. Sebum is the cause of people experiencing oily skin or hair. If skin produces too much sebum, it can cause breakouts or excessively oily skin. Jojoba oil is helpful here because when applied to skin, it can theoretically “trick” skin into thinking it has produced enough oil, and thus makes your skin produce less sebum, which curbs breakouts.

3. Jojoba oil for dry skin

Jojoba oil is also useful for dry skin because it is so similar to the natural sebum that our body produces. Therefore, our skin easily absorbs it without leaving an oily residue. Not only will jojoba oil moisturize, it can also soften hard and dry skin to a more youthful feel.

When used in moderation, jojoba oil is one of the most versatile products behind your bathroom mirror. It is entirely natural, very safe and conservative use can bring back shine to skin. While it may be a little bit on the expensive side, its effectiveness is proven time and time again.

A good Jojoba Oil Moisturizer for Men?

Well, we are obviously biased on this one.  We recognized the benefits of jojoba oil and our Facial Repair Formula used Jojoba Oil as a base.  We then carefully chose 12 other active anti-aging ingredients, so you know you are getting a powerful product.