Interesting Skin Facts For Men

Ever Wonder What Your Skin Is Made Of?

Your skin is amazing. Despite whatever aesthetic aspects you might want to change, human skin is a fascinating and important part of the body. Sometimes we spend so much time nitpicking the small stuff about our skin that it’s important to step back and realize the big picture of how amazing skin is. Below are a few of the more interesting skin facts for men:

1. Your skin is much larger than you might imagine.

Skin Comes In All Shapes And Sizes

You may think of your skin as a sort of thin egg shell over your muscles and bones.  However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know that your skin accounts for 16% of your body weight, is around 22 square feet in the average adult, and it stores 4.5% of the blood in your body? Your skin is the largest, heaviest organ in the body―so take care of it!

2. Your skin sweats a lot more than you might realize.

Your skin has around 3 million sweat glands which emit 3 gallons of sweat per day. In a 5 square centimeter section of skin, you have 600 sweat glands! Men tend to sweat more than women, so men should pay extra attention to these numbers.

3. Your skin is regenerating itself at an incredible rate.

Every minute, your skin sheds 30 to 40 thousand skin cells, which means that you will shed around 8 pounds a year in dead skin alone. This is pretty incredible, and given the amount of people in the world, dead skin cells account for around one billion tons of dust in the atmosphere, globally. Additionally, those dust bunnies you find in your home are very likely made up of mostly your dead skin cells.

Your skin is far more nuanced and involved than you might initially realize. Understanding these facts about the biological processes of your skin will help you understand the purpose of skincare in general.