TAUN Now Found in Urban Cargo Shipments

Intro to Urban Cargo

Urban Cargo is a new men’s grooming discovery tool.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, get your head out of the sand and head over to their website.  They have put together a program where you can quickly, easily, and inexpensively discover the best men’s grooming brands available.  UC does the heavy lifting – their in-house team reviews, tests, and researches every brand and product they carry, to ensure you only get the best.  No need to worry about quality, these guys have weeded out the imitators for you.

TAUN + Urban Cargo Partnership

TAUN recently partnered with UC to distribute our Facial Repair Formula across the country.  This is a great opportunity for men in all locations to get their hands on a 5-7 day sample of our flagship anti-aging moisturizer.

Read this thoughtful Urban Cargo review of TAUN, and go sign up for their service now.  It’s like Christmas morning every month when you receive a box full of high quality grooming goods!