Things We Love: Noah's Mill Bourbon

Taun Small Batch Men’s Skin Care took the “small batch” mentality from the bourbon industry. Our appreciation for the spirits produced in Kentucky has led us here – where we would like to highlight some of our favorites.  We’re starting with one of the finest bourbons under the sun: Noah’s Mill.

Noah’s Mill

Noah’s Mill is produced by Kentucky Bourbon Distillers in Bardstown, Kentucky. KBD is a family-owned and operated distillery that has been making bourbon under the KBD name since 1984, but has lineage tracing back well over 100 years.  We appreciate the Noah’s Mill bottlers commitment to quality over sales quantity.  It may be occasionally difficult to find Noah’s Mill but it will always be consistent.

While this is not something that would make or break whether we liked a bourbon – the packaging and labeling of Noah’s Mill are outstanding.  It all feels homemade but in the heartwarming sort of way that makes you want to be home.  The almost aged-map sort of label is very appealing as well.

Packaging is great but the content is what’s important – and Noah’s Mill Bourbon is just about the smoothest bourbon you can find. Despite a high potency (114 proof), Noah’s Mill does not need to be cut with ice or water. Now that’s not to say we’d recommend not cutting it, this is a pretty strong bourbon.  But it’s a testament to the quality and expertise from the KBD bottlers that Noah’s Mill is so easy on the palate.

We’re still working on our snobbery, but the wood finish has hints of caramel and vanilla. It has enough bite to let you know it’s there but goes down smooth enough you might have one more glass than planned.  Noah’s Mill is a perfect bourbon after a meal to sit back and enjoy.  Or really any other time you’d consider having a glass.