TAUN Men's Skin Care – The Basics

Basic Skin Care for Men – 2 Tips that will make a huge difference

For most men, aging is still a relatively new realization. We are fortunate to look more distinguished as we grow older, a touch of grey doesn’t hurt anyone and some weathered facial features are to be expected. So the need isn’t always evident, but the speed at which this happens can certainly be helped. You may not use TAUN Men’s Skin Care until you’ve gone too far, but try to meet us halfway.

Like any good young athlete you need to start with the fundamentals for skin care. Here are a couple simple tricks to care for your skin as you get older:

1) Wear sunscreen.

This is the skin care equivalent of your dentist telling you to floss, but it also couldn’t be easier to accomplish. Make it part of your routine. Whether it’s going to be abundantly sunny or not, use a sunscreen, or better yet a moisturizer with sunscreen after applying Taun. We would recommend


SPF 30 or greater, but we’ve already been preachy enough. If you do choose to forego sunscreen or to use something in the single digits, the Facial Repair Formula is designed to bail you out on sun damage. And look out for a Taun brand sunscreen in the not too distant future, still with the super-absorbent, non-greasy formula you know and love.

2) Sleep better.

Work, partying, stress, kids, significant others: they all cut into your sleep time significantly so it’s important to do your best to find a minimum of 6 solid hours of sleep each night. Or on your desk at the office. They all count.

They might seem simple but that doesn’t mean they don’t work, and we still tend to overlook these easy tips. Start with a good foundation for skin care and between that and Taun we can keep you in your prime longer.